For Todays’ Squish we will be working with the Redytek R2P-M 3 ton Crank™ rosin press. For accessories we are using a 1.75″ x 4″ 24µm rosin filter bag and a 5ml red/white/blue silicone rosin container.

The power and precision of the R2P-M is wonderful when working with precious bubble hash.  Applying slow consistent pressure is easy with the Crank™ pressure wheel.

Just look at these beautiful results. Bigger isn’t always better.  A 3 ton press can effectively handle 7 grams of flower and 14 grams of bubble hash.


Create at home solventless concentrate extracts with 3 tons of pressure on the Redytek R2P-M Crank heat press.

Applying slow consistent pressure is easy

Redytek R2P-M, The Crank, is powerful, precise and cranks out high quality rosin. NO hydraulics, means clean operation, always!

The wheel of The Crank™ makes it easy to precisely control the rate at which you squish your material.

At Redytek we prefer slow and low rosin pressing. It’s not about the flow, as much as the quality of the rosin.

For our live rosin batches we like to set the temp at 177º for both the upper and lower plate.

The 24µm filter bags work great with bubble hash and produce a very high quality rosin.

24µm filter bags work great with bubble hash

After making your rosin at home, it is best to store your rosin in a container with a lid.  5ml silicone ball containers work great for storing rosin and are also great for dipping your nectar collector.

It was very hot in Colorado today and assistance from the 6 x 8 inch cooling plate was needed.  After allowing the parchment paper to sit on the cold food grade aluminum, it was ready for rolling.

A flick of the finger against the parchment paper, releases the fresh collection of solventless hash oil into your favorite rosin cotainer.

Redyek R2P cooling plates help with collecting rosin for storage in 5ml silicone containers.

Watch Today’s Squish below. Video has been sped up to keep your attention.

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