Rosin Press Bags

Rosin press bags are mesh bags used in the production of rosin concentrate. Rosin concentrate is created through the process of heat and pressure. The rosin technique extracts the concentrate from your starting material. This concentrate is known as rosin. You will require the use of ZERO harmful solvents with this process. Hence making this rosin technique press process “solventless”. All you require is a heat press, your starting material and rosin press bags.

Redytek Rosin press bags are of high quality nylon. Rosin bags are used in conjunction with Rosin Press machines. To keep it simple and affordable we offer 2 basic sizes. 1.74″ x 4″ and 2″ x 4.75″. Each size comes in 2 different micron sizes, 24µ – hash 190µ – flowery. The filter bags get stitched then flipped. The stitching is on the inside of the bag. 1.75″ 190µ rosin bags are used for stuffing 5g bottle pillow tech flower pouches. The 2″ 190µ bags get cut in 1/2 and loaded with 4.5 – 6g pre-pressed 30 mm pucks. The 2″ bags are good for 2 pucks and up to 12g.

The micron number determines the gap size between each nylon thread. A micron (µ) is equal to one millionth of a meter. A piece of hair is about 20µ thick. The lower the micron the tighter the mesh (24µ = small gaps). The higher the micron is looser the mesh (190µ = large gaps). When dealing with powdery material, small microns work best. When dealing with flower, large microns can work better.

To use start by stuffing rosin press bags with broken up flower material. Stand bag upright, folding in top and pressing rosin press bag in bottle tech style. The bag is vertical, opening is on top and folded in. Maintain constant pressure on the bag using the bottle tech method. Resulting in more consistent, higher yielding, best quality product. A process easy to replicate.

Now that you have your bag filled with material. Fold a piece of parchment paper. Place it in between the 2 plates of your preheated rosin press. Apply pressure so the plates barely touch the bag. Allow it to sit this way for around 30 seconds. This is your heat soak. When the material heats, it gets more pliable. Allowing material to warm before building pressure will help reduce blowouts. A blowout is when your bag ruptures and material is allowed to get out. It's not the end of the world, but easily avoided. Pre-moisten your material, don't over pack, heat soak then slowly add pressure. Blowouts can happen, but as you get more experience, they happen less.

For hash, some users prefer to use multiple bags per hash press. The “double bag tech” can be handy when pressing more than 3.5g of bubble or keif. But realistically, it is overkill if you are doing small quantities. When pressing only 1-2g or hash the 1.75″x4″ 24µ rosin filter bag works great. For 2-7g of hash jump up to the 2″x4.75″ rosin filter bag. Put your material in the bottom 1/4 of the bag. Arrange so material is straight and level across the bottom of bag. Place rosin filter bag on the table. Fold the pouched material once onto itself, then a second time. Cut off excess material. Place the “double folded” pouch inside rosin press plates. Allow plates to touch the bag lightly. Allow material inside to heat soak. As it heats you will see the bag start to get moistened with rosin. Wait for rosin bag to saturate. Gradually add more pressure until the bag is flattened. The entire process lasts about 2min 30secs.

Of course, when doing more than 3.5g, the double bag tech is preferred. We suggest to use 2 rosin bags of the same size and micron. Seam on opposite sides. 24µ rosin filter bags for hash and bubble. If the inner 24µ bag breaks, a second 24µ will prevent a material blowout while still filtering. Breaking a 24µ inside a 190µ will not work the same. Material that escapes the 24µ will not get properly filtered through the 190µ. Ruptured material will escape. 2 – 24µ bags recommended when doing heavier than 3.5g squish.

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