For today’s squish we will be turning locally sourced Chem Dawg, whole plant, fresh frozen, bubble hash into live rosin.

This hash is dry, it has been curing for months and it has some of the most flavorful returns. 

You know how a cloud of weed smoke makes your mouth cottony and dry?

Well,  Live rosin is like smoking a rain cloud… it will make your mouth water!!  

Prepare bubble hash in a 24 micron Redytek rosin filter bag for best results with highest quality returns.

whole plant, fresh frozen, bubble hash

Whole plant fresh frozen rosin squish on the Redytek R2P-X personal rosin press for on the go!

For this squish, we formed the bubble hash into a 1.75″ x 1″ rectangle size that will fit the end of the 24µm rosin filter bag.  We flattened the hash using the 2″x4″ pre-press mold.

Place the hash puck into end of filter bag, wrap filter around the puck 2 times, then cut off excess bag material.

Set the machine temp to 177º and squish for 2 mins 30 secs for a thick buddery live rosin.


… it will make your mouth water

When pressing very dry bubble hash at low temperatures, it tends to be less runny, more buddery and hardens up quicker.

It is easiest to roll the rosin off the parchment paper while it is still slightly warm. Rolling after 2 minis of sitting on my cool Colorado counter top usually works great.

And yes, this tastes even better than it looks and it will be my medicine for the next couple of days.

Rolling up freshly squished fresh frozen live rosin bubble hash produced on the Redytek R2P-X portable rosin press.

Watch this Chem Dawg live rosin squish below. Video has been sped up to keep your attention.

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Rosin has many uses for many people. Here at Redytek we are not doctors nor do we sell rosin.  We sell rosin press machines and rosin technique accessories and supply honest information for free.

All of our machines come with 100% Lifetime Support, before and after the sale.  

We know rosin can be a life changing product for some. We want to make this process easily accessible and affordable to those that truly need this solventless concentrate to get through their day. 

Be it PTSD, headaches, restlessness, muscle pains, seizures, stress, boredom, whatever. 

We want to help you make YOUR solvent-less rosin concentrates from the comfort of your own home!

We support U.S Veterans. Ask us for your Vet discount prior to purchasing.