30mm Round Hand Pre-Press Mold

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NEW!! No Additional Tools Required!  Hand Pre-Press Mold

1x 3.5-10g puck


2x 3.5-5g Pucks


Our 30mm round pre-press molds are optimized to produce 2 – round pucks at once, when used with provided non-stick pre-press discs.

Two 5 gram pucks only require One 2″x4.75″ 190u rosin bag, cut in half.

Our Redytek™ pre-press molds are made from food grade 6061 aluminum that has been anodized red.

Anodized aluminum is believed to be safer when in contact with food and other materials.



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All New 30mm Pre-Press Molds require no additional tools. No hydraulic pump or hand clamps.

Place in the non-stick disc, load 5g of material, place in divider disc, then more 5g of material.

Place final non-stick pre-press disc. Insert rod and push down by hand against a table.

That’s it.  Push out the 2 equal size – 5g flower pucks

Cut the end off of a 2″x4.175″ rosin filter bag.  Fold bag in half, cut bag in half.

Place 1 puck in each in 1/2 and the other puck in the other 1/2.

Arrange and fold ends in.

Optimized for use with R2P-E, 2 puck squish.


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