Crank™ Rosin Press Starter Kit

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Getting ready to start pressing rosin at home? The Redytek Crank Rosin Starter kit has everything you need to get started. With this match kit, you will receive a 30mm pre-press mold with matching 2″x4.75″ 190u filter bags, a storage container, silicone mats and 2 fifty packs of filter bags.

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3-Ton Manual Crank Rosin Press!

convenient handle

Dual Heat

2″x4″ aluminum plates

Digital Timer

set timed press


Silent Use

near silent operation

Crank Handle

up to 3 tons pressure

Touch Screen

easy to use LCD

Mini, Portable, Home Rosin Machine!

LCD Touchscreen Temp. Control

Easy to see, touch screen control panel. 

Redytek™ presses can be set to Fahrenheit or Celsius. 

Slow, precise, presses, time after time.

Dual Heat Aluminum Plates.

Precision temperature control of top and bottom platens.

Solid aluminum plates provide even heat distribution for consistent rosin production.

Over 1″ thick heating element inserts.

Additional information

Weight 35.2 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 13 × 13 in

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